Jain Sangeetkar Jain singer Gemawat  Ashok Vinit Sumeet
Jain Sangeetkar Jain singer Gemawat  Ashok Vinit Sumeet

Ashok Gemawat

  Ashok Gemawat - Jain Singer

Ashok Gemawat (born 10th July 1958) is a renowned Indian devotional singer of Jain Samaj. He has been honored with the title of "Sangeet Samrat" for being India's celestial singer of the Jain Community.

Early Life and Background :

Ashok Gemawat currently residing in Mumbai was born at Bali, in the state of Rajasthan (Dist-Bali) into family Vimladevi and Anandrajji. His father (Mr Anandraj Gemawat), who was a well-known ardent organizer of regional poojan and dharmic baithaks was his first inspiration and guru to lead in the path of devotion.

He started his journey by accompanying his father in his early age (12 yrs) later he started performing as a singer. His first solo performance as a singer was in Khimada, Rajasthan under the nishra of Guru Maharaj " Lavvanya Suriji" in 1975 when he was just 17. Later a series of Anjanshalaka and Pratistha were performed and till date he has a record of almost 350 to 400 Anjanshalaka and Pratistha.

Notable Facts :

  • The only principal he followed in his life is to devote his voice to Jain Samaj and spread Jainism to the world.

  • He has performed Jain Dharmic program not only in India but also in countries such as London, Dubai, Belgium, Hong Kong, Bangkok.

  • He has performed for 25 years in Aglod Tirth (Aso Sudh Pacham). Mahudi Tirth (Every Kali Chaudas) & so on.


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